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Website Updates Explained

Web Development
Our experienced staff ready to help you, even if you have built website somewhere else.
We know well advanced programming (x/html, css, php, MySQL, javascript, etc…) and graphic softwares.

Whether you want simple update (Inserting, Removing or modifying web contents such as texts, images, flash animation, audio clips, video clips, or any other embedded objects) or advanced programming or troubleshooting we can help.

Our Price List

Discounted(*) Regular rate
First 1 hour £25 £50
Rate per 15minutes (after 1st hour) £6.25 £8
Over 10 hours Negotiable Negotiable
For frequently updates ask for Maintenance Package to save money!
(*) Discounted price for existing clients only.
If your website was built somewhere else then regular price apply. FAQ

Q: How quickly the job will be delivered?

A: Usually we deliver small projects within 2 to 5 business days.

Q: How long does the update take?

Each project has unique requirements production time varies and will depends on specific needs. As an example:

Adding 1 page with texts and 1 image- 5 to 30 minutes
Adding 1 page with full content (texts, images, graphs, video)- 20 to 60 minutes
Adding social icons – 10 to 30 minutes
Time Creating interactive form with 5 fields – 20-30 minutes
Creating interactive form with 30 fields – about 2 hours

Real Example 1. One of our client wanted to add 1 page of content + add new link to navigation menu. It took us about 20 minutes in total.
The same task on website poorly coded by other developer took about 90 minutes. Why? Because we had to add new link to navigation menu non in one place but on each page separately.

Real Example 2. One of our clients requested to change the font on entire website (95 pages in total). After few months he changed his mind and decided to have bigger size and different font. Everything took us about 2 minutes because we properly prepared layout in CSS file.
Similar task on smaller website (9 pages only) took about 2 hours. Why? Because the code on each page was totally messed up. Instead of changing the code in one place we had to replace the code on each paragraphs separately and clean the code from some “rubbish”.

That’s why we are not able to give the price straight away if website wasn’t built by ourselves.

Q: How much will I pay if job takes 10 minutes?

A: Our minimum charge is 1 hour. So if job takes 1-60 minutes you would have to pay for full hour. After this we charge in 15 minutes increment, so if job takes 75 minutes you pay only for 75 minutes.

Please bare in mind:
We’ve spent an amazing amount of time to master our skills, you are not paying for time of work itself but also for knowledge and expertise.
We pay taxes (what you pay is not what we get)
Even the smaller job requires at least 15-30 minutes for processing (emails or phone calls)

If you want frequently update your website ask for Maintenance Package to save money!

Q: Can I get fixed price?

A: We offer fixed price for bigger projects that are expected to be over 10 hours. Unfortunately we can’t afford to offer free estimates for smaller projects.

Q: Do you give invoice for your work?

We are UK tax payers and we give a detailed invoice of all the work undertaken.

Q: How to Order your service?

Ordering our update service you agree that you may be charged between 1 and 3 hours.
We are very honest so You can be assured that you will be billed correctly.

Please send us an email with your request and hosting or FTP details.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is important to us, so we’ll guarantee that we meet or exceed all your expectations.

We have 100% satisfied customers. If for any reason you won’t be happy, any monies you have paid to us up to this point will be fully refunded to you.

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